Learn to play nearly any song on guitar... without years of frustrating trial and error

The only guitar course that teaches how trying less hard is the secret to getting on stage, shocking your friends, or jamming to your favorite songs faster than anybody else

What’s your wildest guitar playing fantasy?

Getting the attention of your crush?

Making your friends green with envy with untouchable guitar skills?

Dominating the stage in front of a massive screaming mob?

Hi, I’m Dave Tran. And that last one was my fantasy. And it came true.

Jared Leto shook my hand as he yelled into the mic, “Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Dave Tran!”

I had just shredded on stage in front of 8,000 screaming people… for 30 Seconds to Mars.

But how did I get to that point? Because just a few years before when I was 16, I sucked at guitar. Even though I had already tried and failed for two years to learn guitar on my own.

I practiced for hours every day. Watched tutorials. Read books. 

But I was frustrated because I wasn’t really getting any better. I knew I was terrible… but I was trying so hard. What was I doing wrong? Why couldn’t I just “get it”?

Then one day I stumbled upon the craziest “counter intuitive” advice that changed everything overnight. And within one year, I was touring with multiple bands.

Here’s what happened:

I was at a bookstore flipping through a guitar catalogue, lusting after guitars I knew I’d never be able to afford. I had just about turned a page when I spotted an interview with a world famous guitar player.

“How did you get to be so good?” the interviewer asked the guitarist.

I couldn’t believe his answer. It was the complete opposite of what I expected him to say:

"Stop trying so hard."

I was blown away. It seemed so backwards, but I knew he had to be right. After all, he had the skills to prove it.

But his advice clicked with me, and it completely changed how I learned the guitar. Everything I was trying to do up until that point was backwards!

But what does “stop trying so hard” mean for someone who’s learning to play guitar? It’s really simple:

Get good at the basics first, and everything else will come much easier

Seems kinda obvious, right? Well, if you’re struggling with guitar like I did, it isn’t. Here’s why:

Before, I was trying to learn the difficult stuff first (like shredding crazy solos and playing complex picking parts). I thought, “if I can get good at the hard stuff, I’ll automatically be good at the easy stuff.” But even after 2 years of trying, I still sucked at the difficult and the easy stuff.

But once I committed to getting really good at the fundamentals of playing, I got good at guitar fast. I was learning to play any song I wanted to in no time. And I began to learn more advanced techniques and styles way faster.

Now, you’ve probably watched amazing guitarists killing it at a concert, or covering your favorite songs, or just jamming like a boss. And I bet you shake your head and think…

“I couldn’t play like that in a million years!”

But the reason you think that (like I used to) is because you’ve probably picked up some false truths about learning guitar:

3 myths about learning to play guitar

1. “You have to play for years before you’re really good”

False. The key to getting good fast is by getting good at the basics first. Most people who learn guitar on their own try to tackle really advanced songs or styles first, but end up not being good at anything (like I was).

2. “Most songs are difficult to play unless you’re a pro”

False. The majority of songs seem complex, but are actually shockingly simple once you learn to break them down into small pieces. And once you are familiar with guitar basics, you’ll recognize exactly how to learn any song much more quickly.

True and false. It hugely depends on the teacher and the lessons. Many learners give up because their teachers go too fast, expect too much, and are too expensive. But the best teachers know how to make learning the guitar fast, fun, and successful.

3. “Guitar lessons won’t help unless you’ve already got natural talent”

So during the last 5 years I’ve been putting guitar tutorials on Youtube that smash these myths to pieces. And if you’re reading this, then you’ve probably seen some of them.

But those videos are only the tip of the iceberg. I’ve got some incredible training that I’ve kept secret until now that will help you take your guitar playing to the next level. Training that shows you exactly how to use the “stop trying so hard” philosophy and get really good at guitar really fast.

But I’ve refused to release this next-level training on Youtube. And the reason is that I’d have to compromise on the quality, which isn’t fair to you. I’d have to cut out way too much valuable content. And I wouldn’t be able to interact with students on a personal level.

So I’ve saved this “stop trying so hard” guitar teaching for something much better than quick Youtube tutorials. And if you’re serious about wanting to become a crazy good guitarist that makes the posers jealous, then you won’t want to miss this.


The fastest way to become a master guitar player with less time and effort


GuitarZero2Hero Premium is a complete step-by-step online course that teaches you to be a killer guitar player as fast as possible, whether you’re a total noob or already have some experience.

Every lesson has been designed to be easy, yet maximally productive to rapidly build up your guitar skills.

Here’s what you unlock the second you sign up for the course:

Uncover the “stop trying so hard” learning philosophy - get really good really fast while learning guitar much more easily

Learn chords, scales, solo playing, fingerpicking, and much more - discover the unspoken “secrets” of being a pro player and you’ll be able to learn any song you want

Complete step-by-step video course split up into 3 primary sections (Guitar Zero, Guitar Intermediate, Guitar Hero) - learn the essentials fast, and transition seamlessly to more advanced playing

More than 200 premium quality videos with onscreen tablature, chord, and strumming overlays - never get confused or lost during a lesson

Quick-reference downloadable PDF guides for each video - keep your skills sharp without needing to watch the videos over and over

Access to the course anywhere, anytime, on any computer or mobile device - continue learning anywhere you can take your guitar



Fun fingerstyle lessons added every month

The easiest way to learn fingerstyle songs that everybody wishes they could play

You’ll never again find fingerstyle too hard to learn. Every month a new beginner-friendly fingerstyle song lesson will be added to give you a new song to play that will make everybody jealous. 

Each song is carefully broken down into quickly-learned pieces that anybody can pick up--whatever your skill level. Melodies and rhythm taught together in detail and step-by-step, so you won’t ever feel lost.

Live Q&A sessions with Dave Tran and fellow students

Get personalized help for areas you’re struggling in from Dave and learn fresh tips

Every few months you’ll be able to join a live stream to talk with me directly. Having trouble with a lesson? 

I’ll get you unstuck. Dying to learn a specific song or technique not taught in the course? I turn student requests into new course content.

GuitarZero2Hero rips back the veil on guitar techniques you’ve seen professional players use… and makes them easier to learn than any other course:

  • Quickly master picking using the “pick rest” method (Getting Started Module) 
  • The 10 chords you can exploit to play nearly any song (Open Chords and Strumming Module) 
  • How to rapidly get good at multiple things (Practice Tips Module) 
  • Converting any strum pattern into beautiful fingerpicking (Fingerpicking Module) 
  • Easier-than-you-think advanced techniques to stand out from the crowd: hammer-ons, hybrid picking, pinch harmonics, string bending, harmonising a melody line, and more 
  • Using distortion, overdrive, delay, and other FX pedals for “guitar playing on steroids” (Guitar Pedals & FX Module)

The GuitarZero2Hero course is split up into 3 main sections that you can tackle as fast or slow as you want.

  • Guitar Zero - learn the easiest and most essential parts to becoming a world-class guitar player and playing any song you want, including how to choose a guitar, essential chords, and typical strum patterns

- Foundation, fundamentals, basic chords + more

  • Guitar Intermediate - amp up your skills with flashier techniques, discover how to break down and learn any song, and blow people away with agile fingerpicking

- Techniques, theory, fingerpicking + more

  • Guitar Hero - move into the elite echelon of guitar players, where you’ll be one of very few on the planet who have truly extraordinary talent that stands out

- Scales, soloing, advanced techniques, amps/effects/tones + more

That all sounds great, but you might now be thinking...

“All guitar courses teach the same thing… how to play guitar! How is this different?”

That’s true. But in the 3 guitar myths I listed above, I said that not all guitar courses and teachers do a good job at teaching guitar. So let me tell you exactly why other online guitar courses could frustrate you so much you’ll want to quit learning guitar!

3 reasons why other courses will make you want to give up

1. They’re boring. To teach you guitar playing techniques, they force you to play repetitive, tedious, non-musical exercises. They don’t actually teach you real songs that you can play right away.

In GuitarZero2Hero, you’ll learn real songs carefully selected to help you master each technique and style. Every lesson will teach you a new song to add to your growing repertoire and show off right away.

2. They go too fast. Don’t you hate not being able to keep up with a teacher that’s blazing through difficult details? With other courses, you risk details being brushed over, leaving you feeling clueless and frustrated.

The lessons in GuitarZero2Hero split every song into simple-to-learn chunks. No details are glossed over, and the on-screen chord charts, tabs, and strum patterns help make intricate parts clear.

3. They’re too narrow. Many online guitar courses only teach specific genres, such as classic rock, blues, or country. They don’t give you the knowledge to pick up and play any kind of music you’d like. 

GuitarZero2Hero teaches you the “invisible” concepts that are the foundation of all guitar music. This knowledge empowers you to quickly learn any genre, style, or song.

I’ve spent the few years building GuitarZero2Hero to do one thing: make you a master guitar player faster and easier than any other online course.

And if you’re serious about wanting to become a real killer guitarist, and not a poser, then GuitarZero2Hero will do that. 

Remember, when I buckled down, practiced the important stuff, and “stopped trying so hard”, I was touring with bands after just one year.

Listen, I’m 100% confident that with GuitarZero2Hero and some dedication, you’ll become an incredible guitarist, faster than you thought possible.

Pretty big talk, huh?

What our members are saying...

PJ Pantelis

"A year ago I wanted to start playing guitar and in my search for tutorials I came across GZ2H and my first thought was "This is Amazing." Dave's method of teaching was what really set him apart from the other guitar teachers!"

Andrea G.

"When I discovered Dave Tran's Guitar Youtube Channel I thought it was the best one. When I heard about his course I didn't think twice because I knew it was going to be the best. I'm learning a lot of things, that I wouldn't have learnt on my own. There aren't enough words to describe this course, Dave thanks for all your effort!!!"

Paul R.

"Dave's approach to teaching was the first time learning guitar actually made sense to me. Thanks to the huge nuggets of gold in this guitar course, guitar doesn't seem so hard anymore. I've now even been able to start writing songs and contributing guitar riffs and ideas to the band I'm singing for!"

Marty C.

Mariler F.

Rebekka L.

More from out current students...

"The premium course really covers the basics of guitar playing (posture, holding a pick) all the way up to more advance techniques such as finger picking styles. It is therefore suitable even if you're a complete beginner. I've tried out some other avenues of learning (self-taught from youtube, other online courses), and I am pretty sure GZ2H's way of teaching is one of the most all round and effective. Highly recommended to give it a try."

Jake K.

"Best value for money, by a teacher who treats you like a friend and explains things in a simple manner, who encourages you to ask questions"

Gavin N.

"For me personally, the set-up and style of the song tutorial really works. I have been playing for a bit over a year (teaching myself) before I stumbled over GZ2H. And so far it has given the biggest boost in learning the guitar for me. I slowed down and worked more focus and the results came surprisingly fast. Thanks, Dave."

Karsten M.

"It made me want to start over what have learned by myself in the last 30 years or so. And it made my daughter Iulia start on her guitar learning, she's doing great, even better than me on some fingering, hummering and pull-offs (well she's just 16 and she didn't learned it wrong as I did)."

Ciprian M.

"It's the perfect way to learn guitar, specially if you're a beginner, without getting stuck and facing a wall constantly"

Gonzalo N.

"GuitarZero2Hero Premium has helped me so much! Everything is explained step by step and it's all very structural. It's all in a very logical order and I love how you can practise with familiar songs. It makes it all very motivating."


"This is an amazingly well thought out product. Dave is an excellent instructor and puts so much effort into his teaching and resources. It is constantly reviewed and improved with new material added every month. Dave demonstrates a passion for teaching guitar and his methods work better than any other resource I have tried."


"Its worth every single dollar, you will have fun and learn alot in a short time in an easy way with support from a dedicated teacher who really wants you to be a real guitarist."

Kenneth H.

"This Premium course is suitable for aspiring musicians to enhance their guitar skills. It caters for absolute beginners through to more experienced player looking to take their skills to the next level. The course is well structured,affordable, excellent quality video tutorials and superb feedback provided for any questions that may arise. Highly recommended."

Colin S.

Vicko O.

"These are the most comprehensive and well explained tutorials I've ever found on YouTube. I keep going back to Dave's time and time again because they're so easy to understand and grasp, especially for a mature person who's brain doesn't work as quickly sometimes."


Frequently Asked Questions


Will GuitarZero2Hero be too hard if I’ve never played guitar before?

If you’re a total noob, this course will teach you everything you need to get you to “Guitar Hero” status. 


Will GuitarZero2Hero make me better at guitar if I already play?

If you’ve already got some guitar skills, then this course will help you supercharge them and make you an incredible player. It will show you how to understand music theory and more advanced techniques which will take your playing to a level that really blows people away.


Does the membership include TABs to the songs you teach on YouTube?

No. GZ2H Premium is not a "TAB Library" but a destination to develop the skills to play and enjoy the guitar. Solely relying on TABs can actually be a bad thing as it doesn't force you to memorize or understand what's going on. It's good practice for learners to create their own song notes when learning songs off YT.


Does GuitarZero2Hero cover acoustic and electric guitar?

Yes! Nearly all the skills the course teaches can be used for both acoustic and electric guitar playing. Plus there are videos covering specific skills/techniques for each.


What is available to me as soon as I sign up?

You’ll immediately have access to over 20 modules containing 170+ training videos and downloadable PDF guides to help you master guitar step-by-step.


Does the course teach pop/rock/acoustic/picking/etc?

GuitarZero2Hero Premium touches on nearly all contemporary styles and techniques, like Rock, Acoustic, Fingerpicking, Blues and more. It will also teach you the skills to branch out and master almost any other style you want!


Can non-US residents sign up?

Totally! We welcome anyone who wants to take their guitar to the next level.


Can I ask Dave questions directly?

Yes! Every month we’ll get together (online) with other members of the GuitarZero2Hero Premium community and you will get to ask me anything you want! As a member you can also get feedback directly via my personal email.


What if I get busy and fall behind?

You’ll never fall behind! The program is designed so that you can learn as slow or fast as you need. You’re also welcome to jump to modules of interest or skip those which aren’t relevant to your guitar style.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes! You can immediately cancel your subscription for any reason.



Ready to quit trying so hard and get good at guitar already?

Start mastering guitar now for just $17/month
Remember, you can cancel your membership immediately for any reason. You can also upgrade to a year subscription or lifetime access at any time.

Hear what more people have to say about my learning guitar from me!

“This guitar lesson is by far the best I've ever seen.”

"You're the person who made guitar make sense to me!!! Thank you!”

"Dave's lessons are by far the easiest I've found to pick up songs. He makes it so easy to follow along even as a beginner. Thank you so much.”

“It is very apparent how much work you put into all of your videos and how you love music so much that you want to share that love with others. I have been playing almost every single day because of your videos. Thank you!”

“I've learnt so much from you and your presentation, layout and annotations speaks volumes about your hard work. Thank you for being an inspiration and a great, positive teacher!”

“I think i can speak for everyone here that you are an amazing teacher, showing difficult steps as the simplest one. I really appreciate your work! love from Spain!”

You shouldn’t wait to sign up. Here’s why:

I work closely with GuitarZero2Hero students (live Q&A sessions, adding user-requested content, etc), and I work hard to provide the best quality content.

So don’t wait. Start mastering guitar now for just $17/month.

Remember, you can cancel your membership immediately for any reason. 


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